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Group General Manager (Operation)

Lucas graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Management and a Master of Engineering in Engineering Project Management from University of Leeds in United Kingdom. In the past five years, Lucas worked as a project manager of a Malaysian construction group, where he is responsible for managing the timely completion of major construction projects and their project claims.

As a Group General Manager Lucas will be responsible for managing the Group’s operations, general administration, financial and internal controls. He is also responsible for pre-qualification, tender, contact and post contract activities. He will assist the Managing Director in business development and to oversee the Group’s project planning, execution and implementation.

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General Manager of China Operations

Mr. Hong graduated from Xiamen Polytechnic of Automotive Technology. His professional experience is in international trade having spent a large portion of his working career at Xiamen International Trade Group Corporation (ITGC) holding management positions. ITGC is a large state-owned international import-export corporation dealing in a wide range of products including chemicals, minerals, metals and agricultural commodities. Mr. Hong has a wealth of experience in import-export trade, introduce of large scale equipment and risk management.

Mr. Hong’s principal role as General Manager is to be responsible for the efficient functioning of the various subsidiaries’s day-to-day operations and activities, the development and investment of new projects and risk control management in China region. He also supervises the subsidiaries’ finance department which is responsible for the subsidiaries’ financial management function. He will assist the Managing Director in business management and development and on new projects to be undertaken by the Group.

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Mr. Fang has a wealth of work management experience especially in the mining sector, holding management positions in various mining companies in Datian. He is well versed with the domestic mining policies, laws and regulations and fully understand the mining industry market dynamics. Mr. Fang is the holder of the Mine Qualification Certificate issued by the Safety Supervision Department of Datian.

Mr. Fang will primarily be responsible for all local regulatory compliance and licensing matters. He will also be the Group’s primary point of contact with the Land and Resource Department of Datian which is the local authority responsible for renewals of exploration licences and issuance of mining permits. He is also responsible for the overall management of the project office and mine including planning, budgeting, staffing, cost containment, and profitability. He will oversee and analyse geological exploration and mining operations, making recommendations when necessary to ensure production quotas and procedures are met.

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Chief Technical Engineer

Mr. Tu graduated from the Chengdu Institute of Technology in the field of Geological and Mineral Survey in 1993. He has started his career in the field of geological exploration and has worked at various Datian companies as a geotechnical engineer.

Mr. Tu has a good academic qualifications and has been engaged in geological exploration and extraction work since his graduation and is well regarded in the industry. With the rich practical experience he is able to combine constructive and operational opinions and suggestions in combination with geological data. His expertise for underground mining and multi minerals is well sought after on the industry.

As the Chief Technical Engineer, he will work closely with the Manager to design and analyse geological exploration and mining plans. He will oversee and be responsible for the implementation of the Group’s approved geological exploration and extraction programme.

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Mine Chief

Mr. Ke is a Mining Professional and currently works as the Group’s Mine Chief and is responsible for blasting operations. He graduated from the Fujian Longyan Coal Industry School in 1998 and started his first career as management level at Fujian Province Datian Coal Group Company. After that, he worked in Sanming Lian Fa Coal Industry Co., Ltd as Mine Chief and blasting technician for eight years. Mr. Ke has a wealth of mine management experience. He is also has strong organisational skills in coordination, communication and leadership ability. He on safety production, on-site management, resource management, and other aspects of the project management, comprehensive capacity development and other aspects of training and emergency management. He is familiar with the mine safety and production dynamics.

The priority role as the Mine Chief is to monitor and supervise the day-to-day activities of the Group’s mining operations to ensure the mine is operated successfully and all the workers are working in a safe environment. He will be responsible for all on-site operations, both on site and in the office, managing site staff, coordinate production and monitor all site systems.